Month: December 2019

Should you buy cheap insurance?

There are several things in life that are acceptable to buy “cheap” versions of, but insurance should never be one of them. We all understand the appeal of wanting to purchase the cheapest version of homeowner’s insurance or the cheapest version of car insurance – because you’ve never been in an accident before, right? Though it’s tempting to buy cheap insurance, it will never end well.

If you could visibly see the danger of buying cheap insurance, you’d never actually take the risk. Just like if you see cheap meat at the grocery store, you would never buy it. That’s because you know it could lead to getting sick, you can visibly see what’s wrong with it and you’re smart enough to know it’s not worth getting the cheap version. But, it’s not the same when it comes to insurance because you can’t see it to know.

Less expensive insurance is fine; we all want to pay the best price for the best product. But cheap insurance is always going to be a generic plan from a company that gives no advice and offers no rewards.

Cheap insurance will never be tailored to your needs. Would you ever go to a clothing alterations shop and give them your clothes to alter, without trying them on for the tailor, just because it’s cheaper? No. You’ll want to try on your clothes for the shop and have them maneuver the shirt to fit your body correctly, tailoring it how you need it. However, people are willing to do that with their insurance. Customers are constantly willing to pick a plan over the internet or over the phone, without ever actually ensuring the plan fits their needs. They pay for generic insurance that may not even cover what they need it to, but it’s cheaper every month than getting on a plan that best suits them. It could take months and even years for customers to realize their insurance coverage is not fitting for their lifestyle, but it’s often too late.

Cheap insurance won’t offer advice or help. Would you ever go to a doctor that didn’t offer advice, follow-up appointments or treatment options? No. You go to the doctor to find out what they can offer you to help you in whatever way you need. So why would you opt for this when it comes to insurance? Cheap insurance companies aren’t going to offer you a listening ear or tell you what you need to hear; they’ll tell you what you want to hear and never follow-up to be sure you’re happy and satisfied with your coverage.

Cheap insurance is missing values that will help you out in the long run. Would you ever purchase a car that can only be re-sold for $1.00? No, because in the long run, you’re helping yourself out financially by purchasing a car with a decent re-sale value. It might save you money at the beginning, but it will cost you more in the long run. Things like accident forgiveness won’t be included on your auto insurance plan because when you purchase cheap insurance, you’re only looking at the price tag and not the lack of valuable extras.

In short, it’s important to look at purchasing insurance as you would any other large purchase: utilize the advice of professionals, discuss it with colleagues, and do your research. Paulin Insurance Associates is here to help, whether with complicated insurance questions or simple inquiries. Allow us to open your eyes to what you’re actually purchasing so you can see the value we see.